​Horse & Soul

The principles

Equine Facilitated therapy, is based on the principles of Native American Horsemanship that seeks to cultivate an equal partnership between man and animal.

The many facets of the relationship are used to explore difficult feelings and circumstances that can occur in life.

Being with the horse is a profound experience that will allow you to reflect on your feelings.The horse's temperament is non-judgemental and honest. This openness highlights the emotions and attitudes that require healing and development. In this way it is a direct, yet gentle form of therapy, that takes place on a deeper non-communicative level.

What is Equine Facilitated Therapy?

To have no horse experience is an advantage in this work as it enables you to build a completely new relationship with a horse without any previous influential ideas or knowledge which may inhibit the relationship.

In order to build a relationship with a horse key skills must be developed, these skills are also required in our interactions with people,

i.e. trust, boundaries, managing emotions,

this is the beauty of the therapy, it challenges the aspects of ourselves that need to evolve in order for us to manage and develop our relationships and our feelings.

I also ensure that the therapy is done at the clients pace, I never put a client in a situation where they are frightened and will adapt the therapy for clients who find it challenging, this can be done by working from outside of the fence to begin with.

For people experiencing anxiety it is a useful way to look at the feelings of anxiety and indeed how to manage those feelings to enable interaction with the horse.

There is a great sense of achievement for clients who have not had any previous interactions with horses, who then find themselves deeply connected to a horse by developing themselves emotionally, mentally and adapting key relationship skills.

Equine Facilitated Therapy is a healing and psychotherapy service which combines Native American Horsemanship skills and Psychotherapy. The work holds a Person Centred and Ecotherapy ethos that also incorporates Reiki energy work, and Mindfulness skills to enable the individual to develop life changing techniques and profound self- awareness on a psychological, emotional and spiritual plane

The therapy uses a variety of simple techniques on the ground with the horse, these exercises are designed to explore your innermost feelings without the need for verbal expression; this is often found to be great for young people, or indeed anyone who feels they do not want to, or cannot put into words how they feel.

The therapy is compassionate and promotes emotional safety providing the appropriate conditions to explore some challenging difficulties, which include, but is not exclusive:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • vulnerable young people
  • Addictions
  • Learning and behavioural difficulties
  • Autism
  • Family therapy
  • Vulnerable young women
  • Trauma survivors
  • Eating disorders

The key skills developed are:

  • Establishing trust

  • Developing communication

  • Managing energy and anxiety levels
  • Setting and maintaining safe boundaries
  • Recognising and moderating emotions
  • Developing gentle leadership skills

No Horse Experience?