​Horse & Soul

Horses ARE nature.

We ARE nature.

​Sadly, many of us have lost our connection to nature. We have forgotten that we are part of nature, part of a much wider ecosystem and that we have a role and responsibility as part of the ecosystem of the planet.

​We are at a time, where we are being called back to nature.

​We are being called back to be a part of and to be custodians of nature. to use the intelligence given to us to be a part of and to protect our origins and our life source.

Without nature we do not exist.

​Therefore, part of my therapy programme, in fact all of it fundamentally, focusses on connecting to nature.

For some people it feels remarkably like coming home.

​By returning to our original purpose and state of being, focus changes, life begins to flow, and creativity is inspired.

​Peace with oneself begins to develop

​The nature therapy can be about anything you want it to be. it is about you rediscovering yourself, this comes in so many forms, therefore I work intuitively and flexibly to be able to work with the individuality of each client and their process.

Nature Therapy