​Horse & Soul

Hi, and welcome to my website, thank you for taking the time to browse and I hope you find all of the info you need here, however, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact details on this site.

I am Michaela Slade, I am a practising counsellor and Equine assisted psychotherapist. I am also a Reiki practitioner and a qualified youth worker

I first got into therapy as a client,to help me come to terms with a difficult time in my life, It helped me very much.

I wanted to give something back.

I have always been an observer and a listener, one of lifes quieter characters; I have always had a sensitivity for other people, and find it easy to empathise. I believe we are all born with natural gifts, and I believe that listening to and supporting people is my gift.

I pursued a vocation in counselling, and had to travel a difficult path that required dedication and tenacity, with great joy I qualified in 2010.

Being a counsellor means a great deal to me, its who I am. It requires constant development and the ability to reflect on ones own thoughts feelings and behaviour, as life for us all is a journey of development and growth.

Whilst on this journey, I also gained my Reiki Practitioner qualification with the lovely Sue Baker at Taunton Reiki. This opened up a new level of development and spiritual growth, with an ability to channel healing energy into all areas of life for myself and others.

Young People

I also spent some time working with Young People in Sherborne, where I gained my level 3 Diploma in Youth Work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the young people and love to encourage their creativity and inspiration, they have a strong drive and passion for the things they believe in, which for some, is diluted by  the challenges they often face in life.

My enthusiasm for working with young people comes from a desire to harness and channel their creativity and energy into positive, life changing, self development and to encourage their inspiration and ideas.

Young people see the world through fresh eyes, which opens their ability to see what needs to change in society, and within themselves. Young People have so much to offer if they are given the correct conditions from which to develop these ideas.

So where do horses fit in?

I have loved horses since the moment I was able to recognise one! I forever dreamed of my own horse as a small child, but sadly had very seldom opportunities to ride or indeed relate to one, so it remained a constant longing.

My first horse experience was in my teenage years, life was getting harder and I didn't know how to manage my feelings. There was a lovely little grey pony in the village named Whiskey, a fond favourite with everyone. I would spend whole afternoons just stood with him, in quiet, stroking him, and sharing my feelings. I connected with him and whenever I arrived at the field he would run over to greet me. I felt a great release when I was with him, I felt love and was at peace with myself and the world during our time together. 

It wasn't until I had my first child aged 33 that I made the decision that I had lived without horses for long enough! I went on a hack for my birthday and never looked back!

I then started lessons with an aim to be working with horses in therapy, the ultimate dream!

I later enrolled onto the Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy Practitioner programme with LEAP, whom I very highly recommend, for an in depth, life changing time of learning and growth.

I am deeply grateful to the horses that have been and are a part of my life, I thoroughly enjoy working with them, and their profound ability to heal a client during a therapy session, never ceases to amaze me. they truly are heaven sent creatures.

The horse knows.

A Learning Journey